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Middleton Hills 2014

Paul is a fantastic realtor who helped us pick a neighborhood and then find the perfect house. He is particularly good at finding potential problems with houses and with negotiating with sellers. I highly recommend him.





West 2014

If you’re looking for a down-to-earth, professional, and knowledgeable Buyer’s Agent, look no further than Paul! Paul is fantastic and we are so thrilled to have worked with him to not only buy our house, but also sell our old place. Paul is the consummate professional and knows a TON about the Madison market and houses in general. Every time we would look at a house, Paul would walk us through, pointing out every aspect to watch for in buying a house. We were blown away by his insight and learned a ton about houses. While Paul specializes in buying we also engaged Paul to sell our old house. That was also an outstanding experience, and we were able to sell our place in a timely manner while balancing purchasing our new house. All in all, we were blown away by how hard Paul worked on our behalf and we would not hesitate to use him again or recommend him to anyone. I would encourage anyone looking to buy a house in Madison to use Paul – you will not regret it!!!




I am a foreigner to these parts and living at a great distance while trying to work out the purchase of a new home; a house also being very different from my experience with only apartments. I required a great deal of education and hand-holding for the transaction and Paul was a perfect choice. Some of the most pertinent qualities Paul has are: honesty (if prospectives had flaws or were just not a good match for me, he let me know immediately), knowledge (so much to learn about houses and the transaction process) and Paul efficiently and accurately cut right through and to it) and patience (pretty sure I tried that one many a time)… Paul has a lot of other great qualities, including his wonderful sense of humor that relieved the tension of this big and far move, but I think others should have the fun of discovering them all for themselves…




Paul is awesome! He knew what we wanted and never tried to ‘sell’ us anything less. He is extremely knowledgable about both old and new construction. He creatively solves problems and truly cares about people. My husband and I are first-time home owners and we just moved into our custom built home…largely thanks to Paul




Belleville 2014

Paul was amazing to work with!! In our first meeting, he went over the entire process of selling our home in great detail. He was very thorough in his explanations and very honest about what each of us could expect from one another. Paul kept in constant communication with us so we were always informed of where things were at. We were very lucky to have had Paul work with us and he would be the first person I call should I have additional need for a reliable and honest realtor. I highly recommend him!






We chose Paul to help us find our first home on a recommendation from a friend, and we could not have been happier. As first time buyers, we were very anxious, but Paul made the entire process much easier. He tirelessly arranged for us to look at probably more than 20 houses, and in each house, he was able to use his knowledge from countless home inspections to point out problem areas and things we would likely need to negotiate down the line that the home inspector might report as problems or defects. When we finally found the perfect one, Paul helped us through the negotiation process, and when we were out-bid, he still kept us apprised of the status on our house. It was his dedication that saved us as our dream home came back on the market and we were able to purchase it. Paul is personable, easy to work with, and very hard working. We were very lucky to be able to work with him and highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home!



Near West

I am from out of town and called Paul Anderson at random from Google; I am so glad I did. Paul has a generously offered his time to help me find a place to live; and also he gave me very helpful advice for getting around the city, using public transportation. I give him my highest recommendation.



Near West

Paul was fantastic to work with and completely lived up to his reviews here on Zillow.

From the first house he showed us until the house we bought about a year later, Paul was great at making sure we knew exactly what we’d be getting. Paul’s habit is to start showings (at least with us) in the basement, which avoided at least a couple of big disappointment. By the time we got upstairs in a house that had looked great in pictures, we’d already know that it was a no-go. When it started to feel like we’d never find what we were looking for, Paul helped convince us we were still on the right track.

While we’d done a lot of legwork during the hunting phase, scouring listings and looking at pictures online to weed out a lot of houses, once we actually made an offer Paul really shone, walking us through the entire process from start to finish and answering the many questions we had as first-time buyers (even over and over again). We got out-offered on two houses during a competitive seller’s market this summer, and while in both cases it hurt not to get the house, in retrospect we feel good about the offers we made – Paul’s guidance helped us make competitive but rational offers. In the end, the house we found suits us better than any other we looked at, and at a lower price than both of the other offers we made. Paul was certainly right when he told us more than a couple of times during our search that we could find something better!

Actually, the only thing we miss about house hunting is Paul himself. Even at houses that didn’t work out, showings were always enjoyable and informative, and Paul has a great sense of humor. We’d come away from each showing with smiles on our faces, which was important during some of the more stressful moments of our search



Near East

Paul was super great to work with. Though the house we settled on has a few quirks, we couldn’t be happier and Paul’s assistance made the entire process smooth and painless. Paul did a superb job of walking us through houses and explaining what we needed to look out for and highlighting flaws he found during showings.

We inundated him with tons of emails and his response time was pretty much immediate, even at crazy hours of the day. It was also super refreshing to work with him due to his up front and honest opinions




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