For most of my Buyer Clients, the process works like this:

  • Locate
  • Investigate
  • Negotiate

First we need to know what to look for, then  locate potential properties. Once located, we investigate. On site we walk the yard, look over the siding, windows, roof, chimney, gutters,  view and  landscaping before we head inside.  Shoes off, we check layout, room sizes, closets,  condition of  finishes, appliance age, mechanicals: water heater & water softener, furnace, recent updates,  maintenance or lack thereof…everything is up for review from the basement to the attic. Competition for properties is strong, we evaluate on the spot. Our goal is to make direct comparisons to other homes  we have toured as well as recent sales. We take into account if this is a new listing generating lots of interest and showings or, if the property has been exposed to the market for some time, we try to figure out why it hasn’t sold already.

If this is “The House” and the goal is to own,  we discuss the Offer to Purchase: how to get the Offer accepted and the steps that follow: Earnest Money,  Lender,  Home Inspection: who inspects and when, do we need water, well & septic inspections, Radon testing; timelines and deadlines.  We discuss how to resolve issues that might come up on the home inspection:  dealbreakers & walk-aways, Plan B, common ground and compromises.


In theory, the process is simple: Write an Offer and the Seller may accept, counter or reject.   In practice, it is usually much more complicated.

Comments and feedback from previous clients often include praise for my objectivity, patience and counsel during what can be a stressful time.  The actual Offer process is simplified with online documents and signatures.

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