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Madison Buyer Agency

If you are moving to the Madison area, welcome! Madison and the surrounding area is full of charming neighborhoods with unique styles of real estate. Our real estate agency enables you to not only find the perfect neighborhood, but the perfect home for you and your family. 

Moving to the Madison area?

Looking for your dream house in Dane County? I can help. Since 2003, I have been successfully guiding people through the home purchase process. Providing useful information, sharing knowledge gleaned from my years of experience to make the entire process as smooth as possible.

Reviews from my previous clients often express their appreciation for my straight-forward communication style, prompt responses and outright dedication to helping them buy a better house.

Why a "Buyer's Agency?"

50 States, 50 different sets of real estate laws.

Wisconsin has 3 types of agents:

  • Listing Agents
  • Buyer Agents
  • Pre-Agents

Listing Agents work for Sellers to prep, price and market homes for sale. Listing Agents have signed a contract with the Seller to obtain the best possible terms for the Seller (highest price, fewest concessions, choice of closing date, disclose only what is required). Agents who work for the same brokerage as the Listing Agent are in most cases, sub-agents and adhere to the same rules.

A Buyer Agent has a signed contract to advocate for the Buyer to protect and promote the Buyer’s best interests at all times, obtain the best possible terms during negotiations and disclose all material information both good and bad.

Even before actually writing an Offer to Purchase, a Buyer Agent can point out and discuss a wide variety of issues and features that a Listing Agent may be reluctant to or even prohibited from sharing. Ethically speaking, you will never hear a Listing Agent say “maybe we should look at another house.” They are specifically prohibited from suggesting a lower offer price or doing anything that might undermine the Seller’s best interests.

Pre-Agents are just that: this describes the relationship between a potential home buyer and a realtor prior to ‘choosing sides’, essentially a neutral messenger rather than an advocate or opponent. 

I work for home buyers and their family

I promote and protect the best interests of the home buyer

I negotiate a price that is beneficial to the home buyer

I bring the home buyer’s attention to reasons not to make a purchase

I perform research on the property to ensure the best decision possible

You can expect objective guidance and no pressure to buy when you work with Madison Buyer Agency.  I am ready to help you every step of the way!

Madison Buyer Agency serves the entire State of Wisconsin, with special focus in Dane County and Madison, Middleton, Verona, Sun Prairie and McFarland.

Whether you want to find an agent today, research home properties, or discover benefits of a move to Madison, Madison Buyer Agency can do it all!


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