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Buyer Agency

Why work with
Madison Buyer Agency?

Buying a house is a complex process. Knowing who to trust, what to question and where to begin are frequent issues. Typically I’d like to sit down and discuss the process, how things work, answer questions, etc. In our current environment that has been accomplished more via Zoom or FaceTime, phone, text and email.

Getting started

In our initial conversation, we talk about your dreams and goals, ’must-have’ list, timeline, approximate budget and preferred area. From there, we get a custom search set up and work out the details of getting inside properties of interest.

Working one-on-one with each client, I get to know your personal preferences and you get to know mine. You will have no doubt that my goal is for you to buy a better house with the best possible terms available.

Finding your
perfect home

For some, that means a FaceTime showing and a candid review of the smaller details that might not be featured prominently in the listing or online pictures. For many, it means a careful review of the features, finishes, mechanicals and location along with direct comparisons to other properties we have seen. It means finding comparable sales that justify (or question) the asking price. It means evaluating the overall interest level and appeal, market conditions and Seller timeline to structure an Offer with highest likelihood of acceptance.

No Dual Agency

Agents showing a property listed by the brokerage they work for suffer an inherent conflict of interest. In this situation, the listing agent and the buyer agent both work under the same Broker. This can muddy the water if a dispute were to arise. Worse yet, it is common practice for a real estate brokerage to offer a bonus to their agents that sell ‘in-house listings’. Using the listing agent as “your agent” means that somehow, your agent is expected to put the Buyer’s interests first AND the Seller’s interests first. Sound impossible? Add to this that the agent who is serving two masters will also get more commission. The question becomes: whose interests are best served in a Dual Agency situation?

Listing with Madison Buyer Agency

With a large and growing pool of previous clients, my real estate practice has evolved to include listings. Every year, more and more people who bought homes from me reach out and ask if I will help them get their home sold. In every case, the answer is “YES.” This requires a switch from Offense to Defense or a going from Prosecutor to Defense, or possibly IRS to CPA. Whatever the case, I am there to help. I put the same care and diligence into selling their house as I did when we were buying it.

Buying a Veridian?

Ask me how you can get up to a 1% rebate on the purchase of a new Veridian Home. You won’t hear about it from Veridian and you have to contact me first but you can save thousands of dollars on a new Veridian when Madison Buyer Agency is your agent.

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